Coors Light Campaigns For Tom ‘The Iceman’ Flores To Be Inducted Into the Football Hall Of Fame

Running from early January through to 6 February, a new Coors Light paid, owned and organic campaign, called ‘The Iceman’, champions Raiders icon and NFL legend Tom Flores induction into the Hall Of Fame.


The first Latino to be both a head coach and a starting quarterback, Tom Flores (nicknamed ‘The Iceman’), is a four-time professional football champion and a revolutionary coach. But for some reason he has not yet been inducted into the Hall Of Fame.


But the Molsen Coors brand, of which Flores is a noted fan, is rallying support through an integrated campaign led by a television spot, a petition and a limited edition can with social support.


The initiative advocates Flores’ ‘rightful place’ among the other professional football greats.


The dual English/Spanish language hero commercial is running on television and online and seeks to drive viewers to an online petition to back their own personal support.




Coors Light is also giving away up to 30,000 beers so fans can toast to Flores’ hopeful induction in February.


From January through to 6 February 6, fans aged over 21 can visit CoorsLight.com/Iceman to sign the petition of support and on the website, fans can also claim a Coors Light six pack in the form of a rebate.


Coors Light is also displaying the petitioner list onto a mobile billboard in Canton, Ohio (home of the Pro Football Hall Of Fame’ on the day of the 2021 new entrant vote.


Fans in the Las Vegas area (the current home of Flores’ former beloved LA Raiders) can also use the website’s ‘Iceman Can Locator’ to find the commemorative 24-oz. beer, along with e-commerce options for getting the cans delivered directly to their homes.


“Although I have a good shot to be in the hall this year, it’s still nice to get a little extra support from my favorite beer. A beer that I used to distribute back in the day,” said Flores. “Self-promotion is not really my thing, but I admit that it’s flattering to see my picture on a Coors Light can.”


“We’re honored to put Tom on our cans, but we won’t chill until he’s carved out of bronze,” said Coor Light Marketing Global Vice President Marcelo Pascoa. “With few Latino players currently in the hall, we believe The Iceman deserves to be recognized for being an outstanding player and coach who broke barriers for other Latino athletes. We hope this platform helps Flores inspire even more people than he already has.”





The campaign illustrates Molson Coors new marketing strategy, which has developed during the pandemic disruption, which focuses on five tenets:
> Committing to action
> Doing something
> Finding trusted partners
> Moving forward
> Doubling down on creativity.


The Flores campaign supports diversity and inclusion and thus demonstrates the brand’s efforts to recognise the contribution of ethnic groups to North American society and the message aims to resonate with the younger and multi-ethnic drinkers which the brand is seeking to engage and cultivate as long-term customers.





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