Lloyd’s Facebook ‘Olympic Spirit’ & ‘Torchview Tagging’

LOCOG’s domestic banking partner Lloyds TSB placed Facebook at the heart of its Olympic activation programme by integrating the social media site into several strands of its overarching community-based campaign.


With an umbrella objective of bringing the Games into the bank’s local communities and enabling its customers across the UK to personally experience and benefit from London 2012, Lloyds integrated Facebook into most of its activation phases, but none more so than its core Torch Relay programme.


Using Facebook as the principle platform, Lloyds created its own Torchviewer Camera which followed the Olympic flame throughout its entire journey across the UK taking constant photos of the crowds lining the route and celebrating at the evening events and overnight flame celebrations.


Customers were encouraged to tag themselves and their friends who appeared in the resulting Torchview photos, using Google Street View technology, as the lined the Olympic Torch route through the country. They were also asked to upload their own flame following photos to the site. All tagged images were then available for personal download and to share across personal Facebook pages and other social media sites.


This initiative was further supported by geo-targeted local community Facebook advertising that followed the Torch Relay route. In tandem with this Lloyds operated the Facebook Logout Experience – a giant clickable image that’s displayed to millions of users around the UK who log out of Facebook during a 24-hour period.


The Facebook focus also continued through the Olympics themselves with the platform acting as a live hub to capture people’s photos, stories and excitement in what the bank called ‘The Spirit Of The Games’. These included imagery and film from those at the Olympic Park and attending events themselves as well as those watching, celebrating and partying through the spectacular 17-day sporting festival.




By using Facebook in this multi-purpose way, Lloyds managed to connect many of its individual local community events and initiatives together on an umbrella digital platform.


Tonally it fits neatly with the bank’s overall focus on family and locality and it helps encapsulate community spirit and leaves a lasting record.

It certainly helped connect together the impressive breadth and depth of the brand’s sponsorship rights activation which included local events, out-of-home, outdoor, press, installations, transport takeovers, media partnerships and TV.


In just two months Torchview racked up 35,535 phot image tags and many thousands of people uploaded their own personal images and content to the Lloyds TSB London 2012 Facebook page.


Click here and read our full review and analysis of Lloyds TSB’s Olympic Sponsorship on Page 35 of the latest edition of Activative Platform magazine.







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