BP’s ‘Home Team’ Practical To Emotional London2012 Switch


With a month to go before the Games, BP’s Olympic activation is switching its focus from functional facts to emotional patriotism.


Work from the official oil and gas sponsor has previously revolved around the practical side of its London 2012 work, with creative focused on fact, the practical work the brand is doing for the event, fuelling the Olympic car fleet, offsetting spectator journeys and messaging built around arts, culture, lasting contributions and sustainability.


Whilst not a direct rebuttal of previous criticisms, the previous work was a clear attempt to rebuild the company’s credibility following on from several tough years. (See previous case study).


But just four weeks from the opening ceremony the latest phase of BP’s leverage plan changes tack and is built around feeling, the heart, the company’s brand ambassador emotions and patriotism.


The latest work features a new strapline reflecting this new direction – ‘Here’s to the home team’.


The idea is to provide a reminder of all the work done by everyone involved: from the brand and its fellow sponsors, to athletes, organisers, ground semen and tea ladies.


The new approach is led by a flagship TV spot which drives viewers to a new online portal based on the brand’s Facebook page.


There is a voting element to the initiative, which offers consumers the chance to vote online for others who they feel ought to be recognised as having made key contributions (however big or small) to London 2012.


There is further support across YouTube and social media channels in the form of individual stories and personal contributions to the Games.


These include interviews with:


Tony Beckley – swimming coach of Beckenham Swim Club for the past 15 years.



And with tea lady Una Bird.



Plus a ‘Making Of’ webfilm:



Outdoor and press executions feature images of athletes juxtaposed with mirror images of behind-the-scene workers. This phase is led by a takeover of the UK’s largest outdoor site at Cromwell Road with 3D cut-outs of six athlete ambassadors surrounded by the rings of the brand’s helios logo.


The tier one sponsor also released a new Jessica Ennis web film. The narrative revolves around the heptathlete’s drive, motivation and determination and illustrates how her parents, coach and Team Jennis have been an integral part of her support team as she makes her final preparations for London 2012



‘It’s about instilling pride in the home team and pride in the country for putting on a great show and the recognition of all the hard work that has gone into making this happen,’ says BP director of brand Duncan Blake. ‘It will be transformational for some people, especially our own people who [have been enthused] with energy and excitement.’




BP is just one of several sponsors, particularly LOCOG partners, which switched its focus from functional to emotionally patriotic with a month to go before the starting pistol fires.


For instance both British Airways and adidas used the latter stages of Euro 2012 to launch patriotic London 2012 campaigns backing Britain.




Facebook Meet the Home Team


BP London 2012 Website

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