Doritos Relaunches Dream Job & $1m Super Bowl Crash

Let The Ad-Making Awesomeness Begin! (Again).


As the 2014-15 NFL season gets underway, at least one marketer, Doritos is already thinking about the end of the season: Super Bowl XLIX.


For the ninth year in a row the Doritos brand, from the Frito-Lay division of PepsiCo, iss activating its NFL rights through its Crash the Super Bowl contest – which again gives the American public a chance to create two commercials that will be shown during the game.


The top prizes offered in 2015 for the 10 finalists (doubling the number of winners from last season) includes $1m as well as a yearlong “dream job” at Universal Pictures.


The campaign launch was led by a new spot rolled out online on 3 September.



Hubbed around the campaign microsite, which contains tools and rules and upload mechanics, the kick-off call-to-action is being promoted across the digital and social space and via other PepsiCo’s NFL activation platforms.


Submissions open on 12 September, while the Arizona SuperBowl itself kicks off on 1 February 2015, so prospective adverting creatives, script writers and film directors (and crisp easters) get thinking now!




One of the most innovative and longest running activations in NFL history, this consumer-creation initiative was in the vanguard of the consumer-creation marketing trend.


And , as they say, Doritos continue to apply the age old mantra ‘If It ‘Aint Broke Don’t Fix It’.


“The media landscape is getting more and more fragmented,” said Jeff Klein, Frito-Lay’s vice president for marketing, and the Super Bowl provides “a tremendous opportunity to get in front of 100 million-plus eyeballs” each year.


“It’s one of the few global stages like that,” Mr. Klein added.


For the second year in a row, contest eligibility has been expanded so that consumers from around the world can try their hand at making Super Bowl spots.


“Doritos is a brand that’s marketed to young millennials, who are harder and harder to market to,” Mr. Klein said, because “they don’t want to be marketed at — they want a dialogue.”


“Turning over control to them,” he added, “has become core to the brand.”




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