Beckham, Lillard, Ora & Pharrell Front Adidas Antithetical ‘Superstar’ Celebrity Campaign

A seemingly contradictory campaign from Adidas for its Superstar shoe sees the sports apparel giant question the role of social media in personal validation via a social media led initiative fronted by a set of its biggest star ambassadors.


Musicians Pharrell and Rita Ora join sports stars David Beckham and Damian Lilllard to explore society’s current obsession with celebrity and outline what is really takes to make a ‘superstar’.


The work is based around the idea that when the Superstar shoe was first launched in 1969 the term ‘Superstar’ was unambiguous, but that today is has been corrupted to the point of confusion.


With copy includes lines like ‘If you think a superstar is people wanting to know where you are, who you’re with, reading about what you had for breakfast’, the launch spot sees the four adidas endorsers discuss what it does not mean to be a celebrity: arguing that it isn’t about adulation, body guards, crowds and glamour.



The central launch film, developed with agency Johannes Leonardo, will supported by six shorter editors – including a 30-second version to promote Pharrell’s new Supercolour collection for Adidas.


The spot marks the launch of a global 2015 campaign for Adidas Originals (its fashion-focused ‘casuals’ sub-brand) and celebrates the Superstar’s 45th birthday.


Other aspects of this ongoing initiative include a series of special events around the NBA All-Star Weekend in New York called ‘The Superstar Experience’.





According to the official Adidas campaign PR:


‘Social media has completely redefined the concepts of self-expression, originality and creativity and, throughout 2015, this campaign will question the need for external validation and celebrity worship,’


Yet, despite its approach to social media celebrity, the ad is being pushed across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Tumblr.


Just how consumers are meant to square the campaign’s message with the media strategy?


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