Red Bull’s ‘Signature Series’ Shazam Augmented Content


Red Bull’s partnership with NBC Sports for its Signature Series featured a further third party collaboration in the form of a synchronised Shazam App offering exclusive dual screened content.


A fascinating example of how companies are maximising the reach of their branded content through synchronised broadcaster partnership that include second screen exclusive branded content.


Extreme snowboarding show Red Bull Supernatural enabled viewers to use the Shazam app on their phone to ‘tag’ the show and see an exclusive footage. This extra content was ‘contour point-of-view footage’ from the eyes (or more specifically the helmets) of some of the world’s most progressive riders.


By collaborating with both Shazam and Contour Cameras, the energy drink’s commitment to bring the very best snowboarding to a national TV audience was further enhanced for the committed consumer through a companion app which opened up an additional world of dream runs, jaw-dropping landings and buttery transitions.


Viewers simply activate the Shazam App during the show by a single screen touch on their smartphone or tablet. The app then automatically identifies and syncs with the live in-show sounds and instantly unlocks the exploits of the riders.


In a further digital feature, fans can also use the app to connect to related social media to enhance and share the experience.


There are both verbal and visual on screen prompts during the NBC broadcast to encourage viewers to use Shazam.




This is a long way from traditional sponsorship. It’s a case of company collaboration and broadcaster partnership merged with branded entertainment, dual screening and deep-seated brand ambassador involvement.


The Red Bull Signature Series, which can also be followed on Facebook and Twitter (#SigSeries and #supernatural), is partly the brainchild of snowboarding icon Travis Rice.


Rice’s vision, combined with the know-how of Red Bull Media House and NBC Sports Group’s Alli Sports have combined on a unique partnership.


Within the series, Red Bull Supernatural is a first-of-its-kind backcountry competition designed to showcase the skills of the best all-around riders on the planet.



Over 100 man-made features were built on the slope over the summer, so that once snow fell, a series of tree-line features, jumps and drops emerged creating the ultimate backcountry run.


Supernatural is part of the Red Bull Signature Series – made up of 35 hours of one-of-a-kind programming on NBC and NBC Sports all year long.


The Shazam added extra is a simple, yet visionary and valuable augmentation.


Again, Red Bull is proving that it is at the forefront of innovation when it comes to creating a sponsorship revolution based on branded content collaboration.














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