Gillette Gives Jeter World’s Biggest Outdoor Shave


Gillette’s giant poster campaign – ‘Everday Masterpiece’ – is fronted by brand ambassador ans baseball star Derek Jeter. Jeter, the franchise player of the star studded New York Yankees, features on a giant billboard which changes each day to reflect and project the stages of a man’s grooming routine.


A team repaints the outdoor ad daily to show Jeter variously with stubble, shave preparation and then clean shaven in an ongoing three-day cycle.


All stages of the post cycle are accompanied by the ‘Everyday Masterpieces’ tagline.


The grooming routine outdoor programme, from BBDO New York, is sighted in the city’s trendy SoHo neighbourhood.




This continues with the brand’s ongoing heritage of fronting its marketing with a select set of sports stars.


Bringing an innovative edge to classic billboard advertising, this outdoor initiative brings a poster to life in a new and powerful way.


But it is perhaps the PR and buzz generated by the outdoor stunt, coupled with the consumer-to-consumer spread of the accompanying web video that will really give Gillette the audience it is seeking.









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