EDF’s Golden ‘Thank Yous’ London 2012 Loyalty Scheme


Tier One London 2012 national sponsor EDF Energy is rolling out an athletics-themed campaign promoting its Olympic-focused reward scheme ‘Thank Yous’.


Starring its recently produced CGI ‘blob’ brand character, the LOCOG sustainability partner fronts a new 30-second spot that shows the brand character dreaming of athletics and then joining a glittering dance troupe choreographing a 100m sprint based routine. The ad finishes with a gold medal finale that includes a shower of tickets and fireworks.


The creative, by Abbot Mead Vickers, features the 1980s Ah Ha song ‘Take on Me’, is part of EDF’s wider ‘Feel Better Energy’ positioning. An approach which sees each and every customer offered a monthly reward – spearheaded by Olympic tickets.


The ‘Thank Yous’ ad is running across terrestrial and digital UK channels for eight weeks – up the the Olympics themselves.


It is being supported by a direct mail campaign, by Archibald Ingall Stretton, eCRM and online work that also drives traffic to the redesigned ‘Thank You’s’ reward scheme website which also follows the Olympic/athletic theme.


This new site includes a ‘zoetrope’, a device that produces the illusion of motion, to promote the various rewards and levels available. Customers simply enter their own bill details online and a video is launched that shows a spinning zoetrope which eventually stops on the reward the customer has won.


Everyone who enters their details will win a reward, which range from ice cream vouchers and balloon rides, to London Eye trips Olympic and Paralympic tickets.
The zoetrope, which also features in the DM work, is based on a real six foot high model (created by AIS) which will be displayed at the Olympic Park. EDF aims to display it in the V&A’s Museum of Childhood after the Paralympics.


This ‘Feel Better Energy’ umbrella idea was first introduced back in April when a 60-second TVC debuted the dancing, shaking and quivering morph-like blob that has become the brand’s icon. This character aims to embody the ‘Feel Better Energy’ idea.


A series of spots have carried different messages within the umbrella concept – including the brand’s low-carbon claims and the new residential tariffs.


“Bringing together ‘Thank Yous’, our new character, and our partnership with London 2012, we believe this new campaign has all the ingredients to make viewers ‘feel better’,” comments Cameron Hughes, head of Brand at EDF Energy.




EDF’s ‘Thank Yous’, which original launched in the second half of 2011 (see previous case study) has now become the core of its Olympic activation and the loyalty scheme’s objective is surely to combat other similar schemes offered by rivals – like British Gas’ blockbuster Nectar partnership.


The activation follows previous EDF Olympic-related initiative, begun back in 2009, the much admired annual ‘Green Britain Day’. This campaign promotes EDF’s role as the London 2012 Sustainability Partner and aims to show the world how Britain can lead the world in the race against climate change. (See previous case study).








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