Kit-Kat’s Augmented Reality Blippar UEFA Euro 2012 Ambush Game


One of the more interesting and thoughtful Euro 2012 ambush campaigns is Nestle brand Kit-Kat’s ‘Cross Your Fingers’ initiative.


Nestlé is thought to be investing around £10m into its biggest ever football-themed Kit-Kat cash giveaway – twice the spend it put behind its previous football-led 2006 World Cup activity.


Packs of Kit Kat four-finger, Chunky and Chunky Caramel feature the ‘Cross Your Fingers’ flash and the initiative gives consumers will have the chance to win £1,000 every day from May to the end of the Euro 2012 tournament in July by going online and entering a unique code found on the packs.


TV ads have been running to promote the campaign, along with outdoor and in-store point-of-sale activity too.


But the above-the-line work largely drove consumers to the campaign’s digital centre which saw the brand run an augmented reality gaming initiative with smartphone app company Blippar (see http://blog.blippar.com/)


By scanning the chocolate bar’s packaging with free Blippar app users cold play the brand’s unofficial Euro 2012 table football game. Consumers were challenged to build a high score by saving as many shots as possible, with all scores being posted to the game’s league table and the top scorer winning €2,012.


The digital content is also be embedded on multipacks, point-of-sale displays and poster ads.




Kit Kat’s 2006 World Cup promotion gave consumers the chance to win a replica 1996 shirt and the company reported that this iniative resulted in a 16% sales hike for four-finger and a 38% boost for Chunky. Nestlé reported that post promotion research found that it was the cash that was considered the most motivating prize and drove the highest levels of consumer participation.


This guerilla campaign uses the same motivation, but the approach more closely mirrors the Blippar initiative used by official London 2012 partner Cadbury for its ‘Qwack Smack’ augmented reality on-pack game (part of its wider ‘Spots v Stripes’ Olympic work).


See previous case study.




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