Pepsi Offers Drinks4Skills Via Gaming Vending Machine

In the US and Europe Pepsi is rolling out hybrid vending machines offering interactive gaming experiences that reward soccer skills with free drinks as part of its evolving #FutbolNow World Cup ambush campaign.


The #FutbolNow drinks dispenser blends functionality with gaming: using motion-sensor technology from Microsoft Kinect to track fans’ football flicks and tricks – from keepy-uppies to stopovers – as they aim to use their skills to earn a free Pepsi.


A large video screen on the front of the machine challenges each customer to ‘Move Like The Pros’ and asks ‘Are You Next?’


Users start by creating their own virtual avatar on the vending machine’s screen and are then faced with a set of skills challenges set by players from Pepsi’s start-studded World Cup squad: including Dutch striker Robin van Persie, England midfielder Jack Wilshire, Brazilian defender David Luiz and Argentina attacker Lionel Messi.


As they move through the various skills challenges and aim to keep the ball in the air for 30-seconds, they earn points, bonus time and compete for Hall of Fame recognition.



These are the latest part of Pepsi’s evolving #FutbolNow World Cup ambush campaign, which runs under the brand’s umbrella ‘Live For Now’ global marcoms big idea, and around 20 machines are being distributed in prime locations across America and Europe.




The guerilla brand’s #FubolNow campaign aims to ambush rival Coca-Cola’s official FIFA partnership by leveraging Pepsi’s impressive set of player ambassadors and combining them in a campaign that also blends music stars including Timbaland, Rita Ora, Stony and Janelle Monae.


The latter two musicians starred (along with the players) in Pepsi’s flagship #FutbolNow launch campaign, released in April – see case study.


The music stars have created 11 tracks for ‘Pepsi Beats of the Beautiful Game’ album – which also sees a set of short films (directed by filmmakers including Spike Lee and Idris Elba) back each song.


The record can be downloaded from iTunes here.


This music strand of the ambush work aims to rival Sony/FIFA official record – see case study.


It was probably only a matter of time before the soft drinks giants rolled out hybrid vending machines blending gaming and social connectivity.


In fact, Pepsi has experimented with interactive vending machines for the past few years.


Back in 2011 and 2012 PepsiCo’s Equipment Innovation Group launched its first vending machines which enabled shoppers to buy drinks remotely for their friends via Facebook.


These enabled consumers to use the machine touch screen in order to buy themselves a drink and simultaneously gift one to a friend or loved one by entering the recipient’s name and mobile number along with a personalised text or short video.




These machines actually followed in the footsteps of other groundbreaking new vending machine approaches such as the ‘Freestyle’ drinks dispenser projects from Coca-Cola which first rolled out in 2009.


More recently, Pepsi has begun employing innovative stunt vending machines as part of its sponsorship activation and location-specific event marketing armoury.


Most notably in January 2014 when Pepsi used stunt vending machines as part of its wider ‘Hyped For Halftime’ Super Bowl activation.


This initiative saw Pepsi place a stunt vending machine on city street corners with a ‘Free Pepsi’ sign on top to engage users in a range of entertaining experiences.





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