Nike’s Calvin&Johnson Stars Megatron Alter-Ego P Diddy

Promoting the new NFL season in general and the CJ81 Trainer Max in particular, Nike is rolling out a new ‘Calvin & Johnson’ campaign to leverage the 2013 season kick off.


Fronted by Nike ambassador and Detroit Lions receiver Calvin Johnson (aka Megatron) and P Diddy (aka Sean Coombs), the campaign sees rapper/entrepreneur plays the role of the NFL star’s alter ego.


In the spearhead TV spot Diddy’s ‘Johnson’ character handles all the ‘distraction and dirty work’, thus enabling ‘Calvin’ himself to focus entirely on football.


Off the field it is Diddy who signs autographs and handles the press, while Calvin himself concentrates on winning games and working how he can possibly improve on last year’s phenomenal 1,964-yard record breaking season.



The launch spot (and it ‘Making Of’ webfilm accompaniment),



Helped build excitement before the start of the this year’s NFL season, and with kick off itself it has now been followed by a second segment called ‘Speed Unleashed’.



This follow-up further explores the areas that distract the athlete from his work: social media, photo shoots and interviews.


In other words marketing and, well, being a brand ambassador.


Nike’s CJ81 range (built around Megatron and his jersey number) now stretches beyond just the shoes and now includes shorts, T-shirts and sweatshirts too.


The second spot finishes with the two stars standing side-by-side: Calvin wants to you ‘get faster’, while Johnson (Diddy) merely wants you to watch more videos.




Many sports-set shoe spots blend a brand ambassador with a touch of humour, but this commercial feel fresh.


It throws a little new light on the dual life of the sports superstar.


It offers a glimpse of two sides of a sports celebrity and brand ambassador: Calvin is pitched as a hardworking star athlete with a focus on his profession, while Johnson is a celebrity happy to bask in the spotlight of fame.




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