J&J’s World Cup Host City Blood Donation ‘Tour Of Affection’

In addition to global ‘Care Inspires Care’ umbrella platform (see case study), FIFA healthcare partner Johnson & Johnson is running a powerful CSR led campaign strand initiative in the host nation – a health push that included a series of initiatives aimed at touching the lives of millions of Brazilians called the ‘Tour Do Carinho’ (The Tour Of Affection).


Over three months, the Tour of Affection visited the 12 FIFA World Cup host cities via a branded bus which collected what the sponsor calls ‘acts of affection’ in the form of blood donations



Johnson & Johnson’ blood bus visited donation centres near all the stadiums and generated city campaigns via PR work, press executions and social media activity to increase blood donations in each host venue.


Creatively the drive was based around creating a collective human work of art curated by Brazilian artist Eduardo Srur.


The call-to-action asked Brazilians ‘Do you ever imagine being part of a work of art? By donating blood to the Tour of Affection, each donor helped compose a work by the artist Eduardo Srur.’


Srur himself accompanied the bus during the 12-city tour.


In mid May, the blood bus was driven to Rio’s Maracana stadium to celebrate achieving the campaign goal.


More than 20,000 donations filled four giant blood bags created by Srur – which were four feet in height and were filled heart-shaped blood vials signed by every donor.


Each representing one of the donations that helped save a Maracanã live – the hearts were then returned to blood centres and health partners across the country creating a brand-backed chain in support of the cause.




This host nation campaign seems far more dynamic and creatively cutting edge than its more generic, global World Cup work.


It also follows in the footsteps of blood donation drives from this World Cup in particular in the form of the German Red Cross’ ‘Give Blood, Give Power’ national team campaign (see case study), the Brazilian blood drive built around Vittoria FC’s shirt-led ‘My Blood Is Red And Black’ initiative (see case study), and, of course, last year’s inspiring and brilliant Brazilian ‘Immortal Fans’ organ donation programme focusing on Sports Club Recife (see case study).


Indeed, this health-led theme of caring runs right through J&J’s sponsorship philosophy for its FIFA work – which is built on the globally-developed platform ‘Care Inspires Care / Carinho Inspira Carinho).


This philosophy encourages selfless acts of care, big and small and with the goal of making the world a more caring place.


Indeed, J&J’s FIFA World Cup activation in Brazil aims to bring its role as the Official Healthcare Sponsor to life through a broad range of programmes, products and services: including vision, oral, sun, skin and wound care products – to encourage healthier lifestyles for football fans around the world. 


‘Johnson & Johnson has a longstanding history of serving the people and communities of Brazil and we are thrilled by the opportunity to support the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil and share in the pride of this spectacular event,’ said Brazil’s Managing Director for Johnson & Johnson Consumer Brands Duda Kertesz.


‘Given the inherent passion Brazilians have for the sport, we hope to leverage this sponsorship to support the communities in which we live and work and improve Brazilian quality of life’.


‘Having a global, broadly based and trusted company like Johnson & Johnson as a FIFA World Cup Sponsor is a great asset for FIFA and we are honoured to welcome them on board,” said Thierry Weil, FIFA Marketing Director.


‘We look forward to working closely with Johnson & Johnson on our shared mission of making the FIFA 2014 World Cup Brazil™ an exciting and memorable event.’




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