Intel & HP Back ‘The LeBrons’ Cartoon Web Show

Intel and HP have teamed up with NBA superstar LeBron James to back his internet cartoon series The LeBrons.


Miami Heat number one star and the game’s biggest current name is launching his own animated series to be screened on YouTube and his own site www.lebronjeames.com.


Opening in the Spring, all proceeds generated from the series, through sponsorship and advertising, will be used to buys HP computers powered by Intel processors which will be donated to Boys & Girls Clubs of America. This unique player-led, brand-backed educational CSR initiative supports the charity’s education initiatives.


Both IT brands, as sponsors of the show, will provide enabling technology and have some input into the content. A positive series to back, each of the initial 10 episodes will relay a series of positive, family-friendly messages.


Each episode will focus on a positive, youth-targeted message: such as the importance of school, being trustworthy and sticking by your family in tough times.


“The main thing is that we’re going to have a message behind every episode – like how important school is, being trustworthy and families learning how to stick together through hard times.”


The web-based programme follows an original advertising campaign from LeBron sponsor Nike which used cartoon creative to introduce four different sides of the star’s personality: Kid, Wise, Business and Athlete.


“I decided to create the new series loosely based on these characters, told through the point of view of Kid, that would take place in Akron, Ohio, my hometown,” says James (who also provides the voiceover for the Business character).


With Intel and HP behind him, James and his company Spring Hill Productions and Believe Entertainment aim to “change the rules of creating a show”.


“Launching ‘The LeBrons’ online, I’ll be able to really appeal to young people in an innovative, new way and reach everyone who follows me on the Internet, especially on my website, Twitter and Facebook pages,” explains James. “The real opportunity with ‘The LeBrons’ is to give back to today’s youth, and through the show we’re continuing our work with Boys & Girls Clubs of America to help make an impact. It shows how big a difference we think technology can make in the lives of today’s youth.”




With 5m fans (Facebook) and 2m followers (Twitter), James has serious heavyweight reach through social platforms. This provides a ready-made online audience for both his show and for its sponsors.


Of course, the programmes themselves, from characters and plotlines to creative quality and scripts will have to live up to the challenge too.


If they are, it will boost the brands, the show, the cause and Brand LeBron too.











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