Heineken US Open Instagram Ticket Scavenger Hunt

Heineken is focusing upon Instagram as the central hub for its US Open interactive picture hunt ticket giveaway – ‘Crack The US Open’.


Combining mobile and social components, the beer brand is using Instagram’s grid feature to create a huge mosaic picture which operates as the playing field for the photo scavenger hunt.


The entire mosaic needed more than 1,000 positions to be determined by the image team, was shot 32 feet up in the air and consists of over 200 photos creating a giant panoramic scene of the US Open’s main stadium.


Developed with agency Wieden + Kennedy New York, the premier North American tennis tournament sponsor created the @Crack_the_US_Open Instagram account to host the image and then added a clue caption to each individual picture.


When a consumer views the Instagram account, they are asked to flip their mobile device horizontally to view a panoramic view of the stadium.


The brand posted the first clue for the sweepstakes on its Instagram and Twitter accounts on 3 September.


It read ‘Remember the codeword ‘#SHHH,’ follow the clues you could win a pair of #tickets to the #USOpen’.


The clue matched one of the photos within the mosaic which was of a fan wearing a T-shirt which said that said ‘Shhh’.


This led to a further series of riddles involving other people in the photos which make up the panoramic scene.


Once a clue leads a player to find the final photo they then have to comment on the photo with the keyword that was included in the original clue.


The first consumer to do this wins a pair of tickets to the US Open Men’s Final 9 September and activates Heineken to post a message on its Twitter and Instagram account announcing the winner and then giving out another clue for a new round of the game.




Mobile and social platforms are playing an increasingly key role in terms of how Heineken now activates its events and sponsorship rights.


Such as the location-based mobile apps (with shareable social features) deployed in its recent UEFA Champions League and Ultra Music Festival initiatives.


(There are also clear similarities with its James Bond ‘Skyfall – Crack The Case’ campaign).


For its US Open work, Heineken’s objective was to drive awareness of its sponsorship by engaging tennis fans in the digital space in a way that was innovative but convenient to fans.


‘The US Open is a premium event of the summer where every New Yorker wants to be,’ says Heineken’s US Brand Director Of Sponsorships and Events Pattie Falch. ‘Its prestigious scene and who’s who attendance created the perfect springboard for our experience and what we wanted to create.’


‘We approach events like the US Open from a platform native standpoint because that is where they are,’ says Falch. ‘We also focus our social media and mobile efforts on providing access to our consumers in ways that have never been done before. ‘Crack the US Open is another example of how we are utilizing social media and mobile in new and innovative ways.’




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