E.ON Activates IBU World Cup Via Stunning L.E.D. Light ‘Faszination Biathlon’ Film

Mid January saw E.ON kick off its IBU World Cup Biathlon sponsorship work with a German campaign called ‘Faszination Biathlon’ that revolves around dressing one of the star competitors in a stunning ski suit covered with LED lights.


Olympic champion Manuela Henkel competed on the biathlon course wearing a full LED suit – which created stunning light trails across the event landscape.


Both the special ski suit and athlete’s rifle were covered with 1000 low-power LEDs to create an impressive study of the racer’s motion against the dark background.


Leveraging these spectacular visuals, the campaign is led by a stylish and striking short film distributed across both its own and the IBU’s social channels.



The film, plus the ubiquitous ‘Making Of’ spot,



is supported by further image-led creative and social, digital and PR activation strands.


The campaign forms a powerful visual interpretation of the huge volume of energy expended by a biathlete during races.


E.ON’s supporting campaign PR work states that during a biathlon, the average athlete consumes an amazing 5000 kilocalories.


Thus, the 120 World Cup athletes competing in each IBU event produce about as much energy as an average three-person household does for three months ,


In additional to the striking visuals, E.ON’s objective is to draw attention to the energy saving properties of LED lights and thus their environmental friendly nature.




E.ON uses its biathlon sponsorship to reinforce its commitment to environmental protection and engage around its focus on the careful and responsible use of energy.


This LED light led campaign sees the company try to spread the message that LED lights are both longer lasting and lower in energy use and thus offer a good ecological alternative to standard electric lighting.


E.ON’s support for biathlon is based around the winter sport’s product- and geographical-proximity to the company’s own core offering.


After all, the two most popular World Cup events traditionally held at the beginning of each year are both held in Germany – at Oberhof and Ruhpolding.


Another key pillar of the partnership is biathlon’s reputation as a fair, clean sport that E.ON claims embody its own brand values.


E.ON has been an active biathlon sponsor for the last 20 years and this initiative certainly sheds a new light on this popular winter sport.


The energy giant is the title sponsor of this season’s E.ON IBU World Cup Biathlon.


The IBU championship is held annually across the world (with a European focus) and consists of nine events.


In non-Olympic years there is an additional a two-week World Championships which this year will be held in Kontiolathi (Finland).




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