EA Sports & Coors Light Launch Madden NFL 11 In-Bar

EA Sports has been focused on partnering with other NFL sponsors in its promotional launch of Madden NFL 11. In addition to its collaboration with Doritos on the online 3d version of the game, it has also teamed up with Coors Light for an in-bar launch initiative.


The NFL official beer, at least for another few months as it has been replaced by Bud Light for the 2011 season, links with EA Sports to kit out bars and restaurants across the country with specially branded consoles for the new Madden NFL 11 game launch.


The two brands are hosting in-bard / in-restaurant skills/highest score knock out tournaments – building on the traditional pool bar tournament structure – running nationwide


A national sweepstakes is running until the end of the year and offers prizes ranging from the Madden NFL game to Super Bowl tickets. The start prize sees the ultimate winner have their own image added to EA’s next version of the game.


Coors brand marketing VP Rick Gomez said: ‘As cool as it is to whip your buddies in Madden NFL 11, imagine how much better it would be to do it in front of a bar full of people.’




This Coors initiative takes game playing out of the bedroom and living room and in to public spaces in a participatory and social way that is more like pool than slot machines.


Thus connecting playing the game with social drinking.







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