Chipotle/Willie Nelson Link On Sustainable Fast Food


Not a traditional sponsorship, but a compelling, real and relevant initiative led by an ambassador partnership saw US restaurant chain Chipotle Mexican Grill collaborate with iconic country singer Willie Nelson on its ‘Back To The Start’ campaign.


Chipotle pioneered the use of organic, locally grown ingredients in the fast food sector and is consistent in its commitment to naturally and sustainably sourced supplies. Last year it backed up this commitment by creating a not-for-profit foundation to support sustainable farming practices, family farms and food education.


Back to The Start, which promoted the foundation, was spearheaded by an animated film – which told the story of a man who turns his farm into an industrial animal factory before seeing the error of his ways and reverting to traditional and sustainable farming practices – Nelson sings the sound track. The tune, a cover of Coldplay’s The Scientist, is available on iTunes to download for 99 cents with proceeds going towards the Chipotle Cultivate Foundation.


In a follow-on initiative, Chipotle commissioned a short film called Abandoned which showcased the hardships faced by family farmers trying to compete with industrialised agriculture. Again, Willie nelson partnered on the project by working on the soundtrack.


This kind of strategy shows a business and a brand ambassador combining to show cause leadership and genuine, ongoing commitment in a relevant field to the brand (and the ambassador too) that offers both consumer interaction and reward.








Back To The Start – The Making Of


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