La Liga’s Cádiz CF Launch An Emotional Tribute Video Spot To Former Player Adolfo Bolea

La Liga club Cádiz CF paid an emotional social video tribute to former star Adolfo Bolea who played for the team during the 1950s and 60s.


Shot during the pandemic lockdown, the ‘Always In Our Memory’ spot blends footage and clippings from his time as a player with more recent film of his role as a coach at the Fragela nursing home in Cádiz where he helped three residents to walk again.


“Adolfo Bolea dedicated his life to football. Football became his philosophy of life. Part of the history and memory of Cádiz Club de Fútbol”, reads the description that accompanies the video.


Adolfo Bolea dedicated his life to football and soccer became his philosophy of life and during the Covid confinement, Bolea dedicated himself to being the coach of his companions in the home and helped three of them to walk again.



His granddaughter Consuelo Bolea, a publicist, also curated the making-of the tribute video on social which she described as: ‘The story of how he, a former footballer and former coach, had used his knowledge and experience to help others in these difficult times.”



This emotional tribute on a player’s passing was helmed by director Mauricio Rocha and featured nurses and care home residents and those working on the project also included Consuelo Sánchez Molina, Lucía Bolea, Vicente Bolea and Pablo Macías. The creative team included Cádiz CF’s Juan Lebrero and Pepe Mata, with editor Cristina Gutiérrez and music by Estudios Machina.





Bolea, who adopted football as a philosophy for life, also played for Tenerife in 1953-54 (whose players wore black armbands for the game against Las Palmas) and for RCD Espanyol de Barcelona in the 1954/1955 season (who also offered their own social tribute).





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