Bud Launches Super Bowl Social Site & Clickable Spots


In recent years brewing giant Anheuser-Busch, via its flagship Budweiser and Bud Light brands, has a long standing track record of rolling out notable Super Bowl campaigns and 2009 was no exception.


This year’s work aimed to appeal across the age range using multiple touch points in addition to the core in-game, big budget TV ads.


Younger age groups were targeted through content sharing sites (eg YouTube) and a bespoke, unique social media platform built specifically for the campaign. On the site viewers could learn more about the background and details of the TV work featuring the famous Budweiser Clydesdale horses.


The younger, more contemporary audience was targeted via content-sharing sites such as YouTube as well as a unique social media platform which was built specifically for the campaign. Here, visitors could familiarise themselves with the background of the TV advert featuring the famous Clydesdale horses, which was eventually shown during the Super Bowl.


Other content includes interviews with spot’s director, animal trainer Robin Wiltshire and previews/trailers of the ads before they air.


The brand also launched the first ‘clickable’ Super Bowl ads this year


Major Bud Light competitor Coors Light is the NFL’s official beer of the Super Bowl sponsor. In the US the game is an advertising institution, as well as a cultural and sporting one, and Bud’s ad campaigns form one side of a fiercely contested beer brand battle for Super Bowl supremacy.


A rare national TV event in which entire families get together to watch the game, one which spans demographics, it is increasingly important to roll out integrated multi-platform campaigns that connects to different ages and generation and utilises a range of media platforms and communication technologies.




The prices of Super Bowl 30-second TV slots is now so expensive that creating additional platforms and campaign elements that enable the TV work to live longer and engage in alternative ways is increasingly vital in in order to maximise value.


Such ‘twin/multi track’ marketing initiatives are increasingly common when activating around major events – both for official sponsors and non-sponsor advertisers.









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