Tide ‘Team Colours’ Signs NFL Stars Twitter Photojournos

Tide has signed up its own team of 32 NFL stars – one from each team – to serve as the second-year sponsor’s own photojournalists for its new 2013 season real-time ‘Team Colours’ campaign.


The player/photojournalists are all using Twitter to share their very own personal pictures of moments and fans that capture their passion for celebrating and defending their team’s colours.


The idea is that all the players’ images will be moments of colour celebration that truly motivate them. These will range from photos at the game itself, or on the drive to practice, or at local community events – anywhere where fans proudly display team colours.


The players, who include genuine team super stars such as New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees and Cowboys LB DeMarcus Ware, are called ‘Tide Team Captains’.


There is a team element to the initiative too, with all teams selecting one action image from each game that they feel best captures the ‘pride in team colours’ concept and then post that image on the team’s Facebook page minutes after the game ends.


NFL fans can follow their own personal favourite Tide Colour Captain’s Twitter handle (eg @drewbrees), plus @TideNFL and #ourcolors to see their colours in action.


The Team Colours campaign has a wide reach spanning every NFL franchise and it includes both star players and teams. But it has a single purpose – to celebrate passion.


‘NFL fans understand that team colours aren’t just colours – they mean so much more. Throughout the NFL season fans don their team colours and fill stadiums, parking lots, restaurants and homes to cheer on their favourite teams and players,’ says P&G Fabric Care Marketing Director Sundar Raman.


‘This season Tide is recognizing that passion for their colours by rallying players to recognize these moments and celebrate them with their fans.”


‘I know from personal experience that our fans make our team better, get us pumped and give us that extra edge out on the football field,’ says Saints quarterback Drew Brees.


‘There’s nothing better than pulling up to our stadium or running out of the tunnel and seeing that sea of black and gold. It’s something that every player loves. That’s why I’ve partnered with Tide, to show fans how much we appreciate their support and dedication.’




One interesting aspect of this campaign is how the sponsor is leveraging its unique combination of both NFL league rights and rights with each and every one of the 32 NFL teams.


This 2013 season campaign follows Tide’s tactic of focusing on provide fans with real-time, shareable content straight from players and teams to activative its NFL partnership rights.


It continues the approach previously established by the brand to celebrate the 2013 NFL Draft.


At this year’s draft, Tide offered an endorsement deal to the first player drafted to each of the 32 NFL teams in celebration of their new colours and then rewarded fans with the first shareable image of their newest player in his new team colours.


This image was delivered via Twitter by the many of the freshly signed rookie players during the first round of the Draft and these new players also used the micro blogging platform to ask fans themselves to share what team colours mean to them using #AboutOurColors.



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