Cristal ‘Chile Mete Miedo’ Ad Scare World Cup Opponents

Chile national team sponsor Cristal blends humour with terror as it supports the country’s World Cup squad by striking fear into the hearts of their rivals via a TV-led campaign.


The side might be in one of the tournament’s Groups of Death – facing current champions Spain, 2010 runners-up The Netherlands and Australia – but the team’s beer partner believes it is the other three nations who should be afraid of Chile.


With nods to iconic horror films – from The Ring to The Shining – a set of three spots (one for each opponent) led by Chile soccer stars like Arturo Vidal aim to ensure the other teams in the Group C are quaking in their football boots.


The stars of cup holders Spain aren’t even safe in their own homes,



while the Dutch should be scared in the shower,



and the Australians need to watch out for what’s in the box.



In fact, it’s not just their group opponents who need to be on edge, as an additional umbrella spot aims to scare all the World Cup teams from England to the USA and from Japan to Cameroon.



The campaign, which began rolling out well before the tournament kicked off, sees match-appropriate commercials air in the days before those specific games.


The spots are supported by matching print execution, plus online with web and social activation, based around the campaign hashtag #ChileMeteMiedo.


A further strand of the brand’s World Cup activation sees it run a short film series on its YouTube Channel fronted by super fan Koke.


Each film has a different soccer-related theme – from example Episode 1 sees Koke arrive in host nation Brazil and attempt to teach locals how to shout and cheer like Chileans.





Talk about facing up to a tough draw with confidence, this campaign reflects the brand’s fun personality, the strength of its character and its national passion and commitment.


With combined YouTube views across the series generating more than one million YouTube views, the campaign certainly seems to have caught the attention.




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