Bouncing Balls Ad Reprise For Sony’s 3D Wimbledon


Wimbledon’s new 3D broadcast partner Sony is revisiting its iconic ‘Balls’ TVC with a new TV spot and online film promoting its Wimbledon partnership.


2011 saw Sony join Wimbledon’s team of suppliers – all Wimbledon sponsors are part of its Suppliers Programme – by signing up to be the tournament’s 3D partner.


For the first time in its 125 years of history, Sony has teamed up with The All England Club to air the tennis live from the latter stages of the tournament in 3D and screen the action at selected cinemas up and down the country and around the world.


To promote this new collaboration Sony is blending both above and below-the-line activity including taking the unusual (and some would say ‘risky’) decision to rework one of its most successful and iconic adverts of recent years.


It shot an online video of thousands of bright greeny/yellow bouncing tennis balls tumbling through the Wimbledon streets.


The campaign also sees national press executions roll out throughout the UK and 10,000 Sony-branded tennis balls handed out across London.


This was supported by an online competition challenging consumers to collect virtual balls placed on various web pages – each ball collected reflects an entry into the competition. Prizes range from tickets to the final to aa range of Sony 3D products.




Wimbledon is a great showcase for Sony’s 3D skills and products – so the partnership certainly makes sense. Especially when considering Wimbledon’s AB1 consumer base and the high entry price of 3D visual technologies.


But, by replacing the original multi-coloured bouncing balls tumbling and dancing down the streets of San Francisco with thousands of 3D tennis balls in bumping around suburban Wimbledon, Sony risks diluting the success of its award winning spot.


The new ad, while still beautiful enough in its own way, just doesn’t have the same emotional appeal as its predecessor.







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