Real Betis Promotes New SoyBético Card Via ‘Largest Field In The World’ Social Campaign

On 22 December La Liga team Real Betis launched new campaign called ‘The Largest Field In The World’ which aimed to promote the new ‘SoyBético’ card for 2021.


The emotional social spot starred Javier Romero – a groundskeeper who has been painting the lines of the club’s Benito Villamarín stadium for the last 26 years. Romero is initially shown painting the lines on the pitch before moving beyond the limits of the field out onto the streets, bridges, beaches, fields and train tracks to show that fan passion for the club stretches far beyond the stadium.


The idea, developed by the agency and production company 2btube, is that supporter passion generates a unity right across the world.



“As there are Betis scattered all over the world, the campaign is aimed at any fan, wherever they may be,” the campaign press release declares. “With this season’s SoyBético supporter card, a fan can boast of ‘Beticism’ wherever they live, in addition to enjoying exclusive experiences and benefits.”


The Real Betis Balompié campaign promoting its new SoyBético Card was created by a team at agency 2btube which included Creative Director María Pedrosa, Creatives Marina Finque and Nerea Carrasco, Account Director Lledó Holgado, Account Manager Itziar Del Val, Director Raúl Escudero, Assistant Director Francisco Pérez, Executive Producer Juan Fernández, Producer Juan Ruiz, Director of Photography Raúl Escudero, Post Producers Alberto Suárez and Alberto Álvarez and Advertiser Contact Juan Useros.





Real Betis Balompié






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