Ralph Lauren Links With One Republic At Sundance

There were several funk and funky cyber physical campaigns at the last Sundance Film Festival and one of the more interesting of these saw sponsor Ralph Lauren run an extensive set of cyber and real world initiatives to promote its Big Pony Fragrance Collection.


On the physical side it showcased a short film by Bruce Weber. The film includes a musical collaboration with One Republic and the brand also put on a live performance.


On the cyber side it also ran parallel Twitter based scavenger hunts, provided interactive social media photo booths, Facebook Places Competitions, QR code initiatives and even linked the virtual and the real by offering non attendees the chance on Twitter to win a dedicated song specially written for them by One Republic.


There was also a digital photo booth giving attendees a chance to share their experience with friends in real time and giving the brand a chance to use photo booth images of stars and celebs as part of their sponsorship activation.




Not only a deeply integrated approach to sponsorship activation, but also one with sufficient cyber-physical reach to stretch the campaign well beyond the duration of the festival. A truly multi-media sponsorship initiative that included strands from the worlds of music, mobile telephony and photography – as well as film. A clever example of how to extend beyond traditional a traditional one-off hospitality-led event into an ongoing set of interactive experiences that a wider audience can be part of.

Ralph Lauren\’s Big Pony Partnership With One Republic


The Studio Booth At Sundance

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