Powerade/7-Eleven’s March Madness QR Code Cups

NCAA official sports drink Powerade, has linked up with 7-Eleven to celebrate March Madness by putting QR codes on its Big Gulp Cups to give fans access to exclusive video of memorable moments in Final Four tournament history.


With four collectible ‘Miracle Match-up Big Gulp’ cups, each featuring a former NCAA basketball student-athlete during a game-changing play, there is a mobile bar code that links to Powerade’s mobile site.


On the site CBS Sports Analyst Greg Anthony hosts a brief video on that cup’s featured big play. For a limited time, this video content is exclusive to 7-Eleven with compliments of Powerade.


Team players featured are Taliek Brown (2004 University of Connecticut Huskies), Lorenzo Charles (1983 North Carolina State Wolfpack), Jon Bryant (2000, University of Wisconsin Badgers), and Tony Skinn (2006, George Mason University Patriots).


All four of these limited-edition cups are now available in participating 7-Eleven stores nationwide for $1.49each.


7-Eleven also offers a Match-up Slurpee cup ($1.99), a special spoon-straw ($1.49) and a new Purple Freeze aluminium cup($3.99).


“These Big Gulp collectible cups match up well with one of our key consumer demographics, sport fans ages 18 to 45,” says Jesus Delgado-Jenkins, 7-Eleven senior vice president of merchandising, marketing and logistics. “These cups are a create value as a re-useable soft drink container. And, the QR code offers a way basketball fans can get exclusive video content, adding value to their purchase.”


In addition to the mobile QR codes, 7-Eleven and Powerade are using social media to engage consumers during March Madness.


For example, users who tweet answers to daily basketball opinion or trivia questions on Twitter and include the hashtag – #BigGulpHoop – will be entered to win a Slurpee-branded mini-basketball hoop and ball. Five of the mini-hoops, ideal for smaller-than-life pick-up games or as a boredom-buster, will be awarded daily during March.


7-Eleven has also created a virtual towel pop, like painful towel pops in locker rooms after a big game, for sports-lovers to send to friends from the Slurpee webpage. The e-towel pop can be found on the Slurpee Nation Rewards page (at slurpee.com) and is free to send. Unlimited towel pops can be sent, but only one animated snap at a time.


An additional free offer is a mini sweatband for the Slurpee spoon-straw. This small red, white and blue sweatband art can be printed from the webpage, cut out and affixed to any Slurpee straw. Does anybody like a ‘sweaty straw’?


Furthermore, a custom-made pair of neon-colored Slurpee high-top sneakers will be awarded to five lucky Slurpee fans. The cost to enter the contest is five Slurpee Rewards Points, and winners will be selected in a random drawing at the end of the month.




This March Madness initiative shows how mobile is playing an increasingly important role in activating sponsorship rights to help build the consumer and brand relationship.


Indeed, 7-Eleven has used mobile QR code in a couple of recent campaigns.


Late last year it the Coca-Cola Arctic Home Snowball Effect promotion with QR codes on signage and cups and in April and May 2011 ran mobile rewards programmes tied in to the movies Thor and hangover Part II.









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