Ping Product Placement In Golfer Watson’s ‘Bubba Claus’ Charity Rap Video

Following on from his famous ‘Bubba Craft’ stunt comes a Bubba Watson charity Christmas song called ‘Bubba Claus – The Single’.


A track so bad that it has to be heard to be believed.


With front-and-centre product placement from the golfer’s equipment partner Ping, the rap video sees the former Masters winner ask the listeners if they are curious whether he has golf clubs or toys in his bag


One of the more colourful characters on the professional golf circuit, Watson takes on the identity of his festive alter ego Bubba Claus.


In the charity video he raps, alongside an elvish crew, about his golf hovercraft, delivering gifts on a John Deere tractor, his Christian faith and his son’s inability to sleep on Christmas Eve.


With tongue firmly in-cheek, the lyrics also outline the dull details of childhood Christmases at his home of Bagdad, Florida with his mother cooking on the stove, his father is chilling in the living room as his sister playing on the floor.



The song was launched on YouTube in 16 December and thus far the video has racked up 775,000 views.


All proceeds from the seasonal single benefit the Bubba Watson Foundation and the song can bought via iTunes at https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/bubbaclaus-feat.-thisl-single/id952048480


Watson has a musical heritage of sorts as he is a member of the Golf Boys: a boy band consisting of Watson, Ben Crane, Rickie Fowler and Hunter Maham.


He also has something of a heritage for crazy creative campaigns – such as his heavy promotion for his infamous golf cart hovercraft – the Bubbacraft.


The vehicle, named the BW1, has been promoted by the golfer as being able to drive through water features and across sand traps.



This video has thus far been seen more than eight million times.




Hysterical charity Christmas rap video, or embarrassing and ego-driven musical madness?


You decide!


A lot of crazy, bad taste, comical creative rolls out over the festive season.


But surely this is one of the worst Christmas songs ever.




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