Orange’s GlastoTag Aims For World Record

Mobile brand Orange continues to offer innovative utilities within its Glastonbury sponsorship programme. It’s well established ‘Chill n Charge’ space has long been the core of the brand’s activation (complete with essential phone charging facilities, image sharing opportunities and exclusive performances). But as the programme evolved other utilities have been added ranging from its website (containing all the news, views, highlights and select performances and ticket buying opportunities) to the GlastoBlog and the more recent GlastoNav app.


This latter phone based utility, which offers music fans with full listings, a complete guide, reviews and an interactive map of the site, aims to improve the entire festival experience – before, during and after the event. It is a simple to access, text-led downloadable tool.


GlastoTag was another addition, a photo tagging extravaganza developed with Poke and an attempt to generate the most tagged photo ever. The giant 1.3 giga pixel image shows the Pyramid Stage crowd watching an England World Cup match. Customers simply connected to Facebook and tag away,




Orange has been a leader in developing branded utilities at Glastonbury – useful tools that practically enhance the festival goers experience. This latest tagging initiative attempts to elongate the experience, to revive memories of the festival well after the last tent has been collapsed and the litter has been picked. The initiative helps spread memories and build dialogue with new and old friends. The world record attempt also helps generate PR for the programme.







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