Nike Flyknit Giant Real-Time Knitted Outdoor China Stunt

Following last week’s blockbuster Nike HyperVenom campaign analysis, this week we turn our attention to the Portland’s brand’s other huge recent launch – running shoe Flyknit.


Specifically to its huge, outdoor woven Free Flyknit shoe spectacle in Shanghai.


To trail the launch of the new Nike Free Flyknit, Nike China raised a staggering outdoor installation on one of the busiest streets in Shanghai.


Initially the sportswear brand erected a simple, plain billboard of a bare foot. Then, to coincide with the global launch day three Nike-clad workers based themselves at Nike’s Nanjingdonglu flagship store and began a mammoth 3D knitting task.



The objective, developed in tandem with agency W+K Shanghai, was to emphasise the genuine construction of the shoe and showcase its innovative new fabric.


Using giant thread, created in the signature Volt colourway that is increasingly synonymous with cutting-edge Nike new releases, the three man team, attached to a set of safety harnesses. knitted together the behemoth shoe over the crowded Shanghai streets in real-time over the course of 10 days.




Huge skyscraper side billboards are, of course, not new. Even to Nike. But this real-time knitting process adds a fresh dimension to the approach.


Not only does it bring to life a key functional element of the product on a giant scale, but it also shows some innovative thinking on the PR front as such stunts, when executed well, typically generate realms of media coverage around the world.




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