New Kinetica ‘It’s What You Don’t See’ Spot Unveils Trent Alexander-Arnold As New Brand Ambassador

Sports Nutrition brand Kinetica unveiled the latest addition to #TeamKinetica through an energetic late November spot staring England and Liverpool full back and new brand ambassador Trent Alexander-Arnold.


The brand seeks to partner with product-relevant partners who will inspire its customers and their latest endorser seems a smart fit as in the last year the Liverpool defender and Premier League winner has cemented his place on a global stage as an incredible athlete and as a committed, local phenomenon with a grounded approach to the game and the fans.


The agency brief referenced the client’s desire to drive the brand’s philosophy forward by depicting the hard work and discipline that takes place behind the scenes to be at your best.


The agency’s idea was that, as talented as Premier League winners are, they don’t just show up but have a work strategy to succeed and that Kinetica, as a premium sports nutrition brand, plays a role in making that happen.


Thus, the campaign’s focus is on hard work and self-discipline behind the scenes, rather than skills and success on camera and in front of the fans.


The 60-second spot, developed with agency Ten Toes Media in partnership with production company Common People Films and directors Canister (Harriet and Stella Macdonald), is titled ‘It’s What You Don’t See’ provides a vignette of Alexander-Arnold’s inner drive, self-motivation and unrelenting work ethic as it welcome him to #TeamKinetica.



The film was shot in the centre of Manchester on a single day during the city’s Tier 3 lockdown so the marketers and talent needed to ensure all Covid guidelines were followed: with footballing talent time limited, the shoot also saw the marketing team use a body double to capture everything required in the allotted time frame.


“Having meticulous PPM’s with all head of departments was key and ensured we were able to capture everything we needed either with Trent or the body double (Jacob) in the time we had. Everyone from client to agency to crew brought their a-game to this production and we’re really proud of the result,” explained Common People Films founder Ramy Dance.


Michael Johnson, head of brand management at Ten Toes Media, added: “From the first moment we had the idea around the creative for the film, we were excited about it. Working with Canister and the guys from Common People, we were then able to bring this concept to life ina fast-paced, energetic and engaging fashion that really captivated the audience. We were fortunate enough to work with clients who shared our vision for the content, so the final output was as gripping and inspiring as we all wanted it to be.”


The campaign was created for Kinetica’s Rebecca Fitzgerald by a team at agency Ten Toes Media which included Account Managers Michael Johnson and Adam Parker. Production was handled by Common People Films with Directors Canister (Harriet & Stella Macdonald), DOP Thomas Hole and producers Tony Roberts and Ramy Dance. The Football Choreographer was Darren ‘Tyson’ White, the Player Body Double was Jacob Holland-Wilkinson, with Covid Supervisor Bryony Wolfendale, Editor Stella Macdonald and Grade Jax Harney





This is certainly an energetic and powerful spot shot at night to showcase Alexander-Arnold hard work in the form of after-hours training sessions.


The Liverpool fullback has featured in a raft of marketing creative over the last 12 months ranging from the recent Red Bull animation welcoming fans back into UK stadiums



to Under Armour’s ‘Home Grown Champion’ and ‘The Only Way Is Through’.








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