MIT Partners On Sprite’s All-Star Game ‘Intensity Metre’


Sprite teamed up with MIT Media Labs to develop a device that measures the force of a slam dunk in order to add a new element to its sponsorship of the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest during the NBA’s All–Star Weekend.


The ‘Sprite Intensity Metre’ gadget quantifies the force at which the basketball is put through the hoop – measuring ‘slam force Gs’.


The brand’s technical partner Media Lab developed the net in a partnership with broadcaster Turner Sports and the results of each dunk were displayed on the Sprite Intensity Meter on the bottom right hand corner of the viewer’s TV screens.


A conductive thread around the hoop generates a reading for the force. The fabric thread, as flexible as the normal nylon used in conventional basketball nets, transmits electrical signals to a computer chip, mounted behind the backboard,.


The chip then provides a reading which is transmitted to the TV production crews who then add graphics to the TV broadcast.


Dunks are measured on a scale of 0 – 100 slam force G’s. The force of 100 Gs is the equivalent to the muzzle energy of a .22 calibre round being fired.


Peter Scott, VP of emerging media for Turner Sports Interactive, said it was Sprite itself that proposed the idea to Turner back in mid-November 2011. The sponsor clearly seeking new ways to make the contest more exciting and boost the value of its rights.


Scott even says that there could be a place for this technology in basketball beyond the annual dunk-fest.


The NBA has a video explaining the net and demonstrating its use. Yeah, there’s an ad at the beginning of it.


The 2012 Sprite Slam Dunk Contest was won by Utah Jazz forward Jeremy Evans.




Sponsors of annual events, are constantly seeking add-ons and extras to maintain interest in repeat competitions – and technology increasingly holds the key to ensuring that things stay fresh and new.


From Specsavers branding Hawk-Eye technology on BSkyB cricket coverage and Ricoh sponsoring similar technology on the ATP Tennis Tour, these kind of technical improvements and add-ons are increasingly enhancing brand partnerships.




Sprite Intensity Meter Video



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