Mashable Super Bowl Pre-Release Ads Mash-Up

Super Bowl ads are legendary: famed for their wit, creativity, blockbuster budgets, or, failing that, their lame sex appeal and clumsy sales messages. And at $3.7m for 30-seconds (plus comparable production costs) they cost a small fortune too.


They are a marketing professional ‘must watch’ and luckily, particularly for those who don’t live in the USA and can’t sit through five hours of football in the early hours of the morning, today Mashable has released a 60-second pre-release highlights mash-up.



Originally the aim was simply to leverage the staggering number of American eyeballs on the NFL’s showpiece event (47% of US households in the country’s top 56 media markets tuned in to Super Bowl 2012), more recently marketing strategists have favoured pre-releasing their ads to maximise exposure and lengthen the timeline of their campaigns.


Some research even suggests that pre-releasing Super Bowl ads online can increase viewing numbers by up to 600%.


While not every sponsor and advertiser has pre-released this year, more than half of them have done so, and Mashable’s fun and flashy edit includes most of our favourites and has whittled down hours of advertising into a neatly manageable one-minute package.




It may be the self-styled Greatest Show On Earth, but the Super Bowl lasts five whole hours and for Europeans (and we won’t even see the fabled commercials either) it doesn’t even start until the early hours of the morning.


So perhaps it’s not that surprising that Mashable’s 60 second ‘best of’ mash-up has racked up 1.4k shares in a few hours.


Sadly, mashable’s edit doesn’t actually include our own favourite pre-release spot this year is Samsung’s ‘El Plato Supreme’ teaser.



It is not just a funny 60-seconds starring Breaking Bad’s Bob Odenkirk alongside Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd, the ad’s narrative revolves around creatives pitching their ideas for Samsung’s ‘Big Game’ and highlights what can and what can’t be said by Super Bowl advertisers who are not official NFGL sponsor.


A humorous snippet of insight for all those considering an ambush campaign!







Mashable Best Of The Superbowl Ads



Samsung ‘El Plato Supreme’ TV Ad Youtube



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