Levi’s Film Workshop: Art In The Streets


The Levi’s Film Workshop has produced a new film charting the history of graffiti as the centrepiece of the Art In The Streets Exhibition in the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA.


The brand’s movie workshop programme has released ‘Outside In’ – chronicling the MOCA’s Art In The Streets exhibition celebrating graffiti


The exhibition and film opened in mid April 17 and runs until early August.


Exploring the graffiti art forms journey from mere vandalism to accepted mainstream art form, the film is a collaboration between Levi’s and Doomsday Entertainment and is directed by Alex Stapleton.


It includes graffiti artist interviews with key figures from the genre such as Neckface, Geoff McFetridge, Mister Cartoon and Lee Quinones.


Graffiti’s arrival as an accepted museum worthy art form has partly been helped by its constant championing in the advertising and marketing arena.


At the exhibition, the Levi’s workshop’s equipment, edit suites and other resources were made available to all totally free of charge. The brand’s collaborative film projects spanned documentaries and artist films to action packed thrillers and martial arts shorts.




This initiative sees the jeans brand encourage and support all aspects of film making and produces a wide range of workshop based films – some of which move into the mainstream and public sphere. It is a programme which combines education and utility with branded content and entertainment aand it provides links to a range of culture and creative spaces for the brand itself.


But it is always the art and the artist that is under the spotlight in this initiative – never the brand.







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