Wimbledon Sponsor Evian Targets Super Users

Evian’s summer digital campaign activating its Wimbledon sponsorship aimed to engage ‘super heavy’ brand fans/Evian drinkers online in order to capture more detailed data on the Danone water brand’s super users.


The five-year sponsorship deal, making Evian the official bottled water of Wimbledon, is a core part of Danone’s wider attempt to take the brand upmarket.


Research suggested that Evian super users were in the UK were skewed very heavily towards London with a strong appeal for fashion, glamour and celebrity. So the brand marketers, in partnership with Fantastic Thinking, developed an integrated, multi-platform initiative targeted this key audience our audience through a range of digital touch points which index highest against our target.


As an acquisition mechanism, the team used Wimbledon tickets as a USP.

The work began with a revamp of the brand’s existing website with more interactive content (including updated imagery and video giving users a reason to return), updated enhanced social functions allowing users to take the content with them, as well as better SEO ranking on keywords, improved design and a competition mechanic giving users multiple opportunities to win a Wimbledon VIP experience.


User profiling through data capture was also a key element, with a micro CRM campaign to keep users up to date with the latest site updates, Championships news and other promotions.


The team also built a viral component allowing users to play and challenge other users to a trivia based Wimbledon Q&A game.
The initiative was supported by engagement banners on the official www.wimbledon.org site. Three different creative’s were tested in the week prior to the tournament so during the fortnight only the most efficient banner creative was served ensuring maximum CTR.


A Twitter campaign was another promotional aspect of the programme at @EvianInsiders. The bran’s championship tweets focused on the fashion, style and glamour surrounding Wimbledon (before, during and after the tournament), as well as providing live real-time tweets. The campaign also used competition mechanics to give away tickets via twitter for the next day to target our London centric audience.


The activation also included an EvianInsiders Flickr photo stream to maximize all of the content we received from other sources (PR, Getty photographer, experiential team etc) throughout the fortnight.


Another element of Evian’s Wimbledon work saw the Danone brand, in partnership with agency MEC Access, become the first ever partner/sponsor to use the Wimbledon logo on pack in what was Evian’s first on pack promotion in 11 years.




The success of this campaign has been recognised both with awards and impressive statistics.


The campaign won the Hollis Award for best brand sponsorship campaign. The overall work resulted in the brand beating its sales targets.


Whilst the digital work resulted in more than 10,000 competition entries, 1,200 photos uploaded from the queue, nearly one million views of Evian’s ‘Off court’ videos and a prompted sponsorship awareness at 22 per cent.


On site sales increased 20 per cent to 210,000 despite a 10 per cent drop in overall attendance and volume sales increased by 6.5 per cent versus 2009 from 46 million litres to 49 million litres.








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