Coca-Cola’s Crazy UEFA Euro 2012 Sponsorship Spirit TV Ad


Coca-Cola is really starting to ramp up the activation of is UEFA Euro 2012 rights in the host nations of Poland and Ukraine.


The soft drinks giant is not only constructing dominating installations in the host country airports, such as its current work plastered across the baggage carousels in Warsaw airport, but it has also released a new animated film and accompanying Euro 2012 brand anthem.


The recent ‘Spirit of Euro 2012’ features crazy cartoon characters in flying vehicles using the combination of cans of coke and footballs to turn normal people into fun-loving, costume-wearing, anthem-chanting football fanatics. A renegade, pied piper cartoon travels the host nation in a flying car to spread soccer madness through the host nations.


Directed by Carlos Lascano, and produced at Bent Image Lab for agency Santo, the madcap spot is full of technical tricks and wizadry and includes 3D-style CGI, a composite of both real and cartoon eyes and a blend of computer graphics and actor live action.


The film is accompanies by Coca-Cola’s Euro 2012 anthem – ‘Let’s Get Crazy’ by Gogol Bordello. This simple, catchy , energetic tune, from the US-based, eastern European influenced gypsy punk band features euphoric group chants reflecting the songs of the football terraces.



The song, the official sponsor anthem of the 16-country UEFA European Football Championships has also been seeded across the internet, also dovetails with Coca-Cola’s music-led London 2012 Olympic sponsorship activation which is spearheaded by spear producer Mark Ronson.


The brand clearly feels that the mix of music and sport is an effective contemporary strategy to engage younger consumers in major sports events.


This new film follows a similar creative approach to Coke’s previous Euro 2012 TV ad in Poland and Ukraine with used a blend of animation and live action to follow cartoon characters cheer around Warsaw and Kiev.


This previous spot, launched in the host nations in the second half of 2011, was shot with two endings; a Polish version ended with final crowd scene in Warsaw, while the Ukrainian version finished in Kiev.


Packed with extras, both versions feature landmark locations instantly recognisable to Ukrainians and Poles.



It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster ride for Coca-Cola in the Euro 2012 host nations so far this year.


On the negative side, in January a major protest took place outside the Coca-Cola factory in Lodz to to denounce plans to close the factory. The decision and protest generated a significant amount of media coverage focusing on the dichotomy between the brand’s Euro 2012 marketing investment and the redundancies the company announced at the factory during the same period.


However, on the positive side, February saw Coca-Cola Poland win the ‘Patron Of Youth Sports’ award at Poland’s annual Sports Person Of The Year Award in recognition of organising and sponsoring the Coca-Cola Cup – the nation’s oldest and biggest youth football tournament.




Using music, and particularly a prominent branded event anthem, not only demonstrates Coca-Cola’s strategic sponsorship consistency across both its Euro 2012 and London 2012 approach, but also shows the brand’s belief in the ongoing blending of the sports and entertainment worlds.


Whether anyone outside the host nations will actually by Gogol Bordello’s ‘Let’s Get Crazy’ is another matter altogether.




Coca-Cola Euro 2012 Website

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