Anti-Slavery Charity Work Leverages ’12 Years A Slave’ Oscar Win

Leveraging media interest in the Academy Awards, anti-slavery charity Hope for Justice has rolled out a tactical good cause guerrilla style campaign to highlight the tragedy of modern slavery.


Leveraging publicity surrounding this year’s ‘best Picture’ Oscar winner ’12 Years a Slave’, the organisation and its agency Dare has launched a print and Twitter campaign.


The four execution initiative, which apes the creative style of the film’s poster and features images of actors combined with real stories of contemporary slavery, aims to use the film’s success to focus public attention on today’s ongoing tragedies.


The campaign launched when Hope For Justice tweeted a congratulatory message to the movie along with an ad which told the story of ‘William’ – a man who had been a slave for seven years.


The charity then also tweeted a set of prominent Twitter accounts and media streams to drive awareness and encourage the sharing of its campaign.


Another ad, focusing on the story of ‘Emma’ who was kept as a slave for five years, ran in the London free paper The Metro the day after the Oscars.




Ambushing the Oscars is increasingly common, but seldom by a charity.


Metro, which is a client of agency Dare, gave the space to the charity for free.




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