Air Force Reserves Chance To Meet American Idols

The American Idol Live Tour, which is proving to be one of the best-selling tours of the summer, has joined forces with Ford Motor Company, Coca-Cola, and US Air Force Reserve for a series of innovative charitable and promotional campaigns.


American Idol Live! officially kicked off in July in West Valley City, Utah, with performances from all 11  season finalists and the US Air Force Reserve’s sponsorship of the tour sees it offer military personnel a chance to meet the American Idols.


The Idols will be doing base visits at Tinker Air Force Base and NAS JRB Fort Worth, meeting and taking pictures with military personnel.


Air Force Reservists will participate in a Meet & Greet with the Idols at selected dates on tour and the Idols will also shoot a Public Service Announcement at Carswell Air Force Base, where they will meet the servicemen and women of our armed forces, and show their support for keeping our country strong and free.


Tickets for the tour are selling at a record pace, out-performing the 2010 run and making this one of the best-selling IDOL tours in the television show’s 10-year history. As a result of the huge demand, second shows have been added in Long Island, N.Y., and Newark, N.J.


He Reserve was set up in 1948 by President Truman and was originally conceived as a “stand by” force for emergencies. But with the pressure of recent ongoing conflict, in 1997 the Air Force Reserve changed from a Field Operating Agency to a Major Command (MAJCOM). Since then, the 71,500-member force has evolved into the Air Force’s Wingman, performing the same missions and working side-by-side on the same equipment.




Whilst it seems like a good idea for an arm of the US military to partner with the country’s most watched TV show in order to give something back to those who have served their country, does the light-hearted entertainment property really share many brand values with the Air Force?


If the move came from American Idol it looks like a good piece of CSR, but if the idea emanated from the military then one wonders whether they shouldn’t be focused on other more tangible and serious ways to support its members.


Or at least that’s the kind of backlash they should be prepared for – just in case…











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