Adidas’ Biggest Brand Campaign ‘Sport 15’ Launches With ‘Take It’

The sportswear giant’s biggest brand push since the debut of ‘All In Or Nothing’ back in 2011, rolled out on 13 February with a flagship 60-second TV spot called ‘Take It’


Themed around the idea of seizing the moment now, the spot includes the copy:


‘Yesterday is gone. Today is up for grabs.  Do something and be remembered. No one owns today. Take it.’



Thecreative message focuses on the idea of empowering the now – the truth that every second is a chance to redefine yourself and your team now.


It is this insight that adidas hopes will be injected into its brand narrative via the campaign.


The campaign, which will continue right through the year with creative built around narrating stories that inspire young athletes to perform the best, launched to coincide with the NBA All-Star Game and the start of the Cricket World Cup.


Working with agency 180 Los Angeles, the central spot was supported by a series of ‘I Take Today’ 15-second cut-downs – each featuring one Adidas ambassador.


These ranged from Indian cricketer Virat Kohli,



to basketball superstars such as Joakim Noah,



Derrick Rose,



and Andrew Wiggins,



to athletes including Tori Bowie,



Yohan Blake,



and Jessica Ennis-Hill,



tennis players like Caroline Wozniacki



plus footballers such as Gareth Bale,



Leo Messi,



and Luis Suarez,



and rock climbers like Kevin Jorgeson,



and Sahsha DiGiulian.



The campaign will primarily activate across broadcast channels and adidas will then weave additional layers to its narrative stories through social media from campaign newsrooms in Herzogenaurach, London, Portland, Shanghai, Moscow and Rio de Janeiro.


Part of the campaign revolves around the idea that while skilled amateurs often dwell on the implications of failure, star professionals excel at learning from the past and focusing on success in ‘the now’.


Sport 15 aims to impart some of that attitude and wisdom!


’The last goal? Doesn’t matter. The last victory? Already forgotten. Yesterday is gone. Lost in the record books. But today is up for grabs. Unpredictable. Unwritten. Undecided. Now is ours. Do something, and be remembered. Or do nothing, and be forgotten. No one owns today. Take it.’


‘Sport 15 is more than a campaign. It is a long-term investment in our brand,’ says Eric Liedtke – the adidas board representative responsible for global brands.


‘’adidas has a longer legacy in every sport than any of our competitors. Therefore, we know sport and athletes better than anyone else. It’s something that we see. It’s something we wanted to start communicating to our audience.’




This huge new brand campaign could be seen as adidas beginning its fight back again the recent rise of Under Armour – which some data shows has taken the No 2 spot behind Nike in the US sportswear market.


It certainly introduces a more aggressive approach to its marketing.


Not only is ‘Sport 15’adidas’ biggest brand campaign since 2011’s ‘All In or Nothing’, but it will see the brand’s biggest ad spend ever in the USA.




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