Vodafone’s Live Mini F1 Grand Prix Track Initiative


Another example of how sophisticated tracking technologies and connected data analysis is being used by sponsors to compare consumers and professionals was seen in 2011 with McLaren F1 sponsor Vodafone’s ‘Mini Grand Prix’ initiative.


Created by Belgian agency Achtung, the campaign objective was to both raise awareness of its new fast fibre optic broadband and leverage its flagship F1 sponsorship.


The sophistication of live tracking technologies in F1 is second to none in the sports world and real time data is tracked in such detail that it enables those who possess it (and their sponsors) to enable anyone to race against the real cars in a live virtual environment.


So the telecoms brand to create the smallest ever Grand Prix in tiny Belgian village of Roggel (which was among the first to receive Vodafone’s new fats broadband service).


Three local drivers from social clubs competed to step into simulators and race live against McLaren’s Jenson Button.




The campaign blended PR, sponsorship and a new service with the technical sophistication of both sponsor and team and it was with digital collateral, films, track guides and interviews





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