Tuatara Ambush Adidas With Paper All Black Shirt At RWC 2011

Tuatara Breweries’ interactive print ad is actually a free All Blacks jersey to cut-out and keep.


Why a cheaper, unofficial jersey from the beer brand?


Because its marketers spotted that the high prices for official replica All Blacks jerseys have created widespread criticism of official provider adidas. The sports brand has been criticised not only by the New Zealand media, but also by former All Blacks and even the Prime Minister.


So Tuatara (with help from its agency Y&R Wellington) ambushed the official sponsor with this cheeky, cheap version of the All Black jersey in a print execution in the New Zealand Herald.


Available to the masses and affordable at $2, the beer brand aims to ensure New Zealand will be wearing black and still have enough cash to buy a few beers.


Simply cut and fold.




Its been a challenging build up to the Rugby World Cup for sponsors – especially those partners of the host team the All Blacks. This is an example of quick thinking marketers spotting a guerrilla opportunity to leverage public sentiment.


Other brands have taken a similar tactic and capitalised on the own goal caused by All Black sponsor Telecom New Zealand which was forced to pull its entire RWC ‘Abstain for the game’ campaign.


Tuatara hasn’t been slow to leverage RWC fever in New Zealand. Another example of this is the opening of its newest brewpub in Wellington’s Bond Street just before the tournament kick off. It has around 40 beers on tap and a state-of-the-art 1,000 litre on premises brewery.






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