Trident’s ‘Cabin Tracking’ Turns Moves Into Sounds


2011 saw some sponsors experiment with other uses innovative uses for tracking technologies. In tandem with its smile-led photo tagging initiative at Rock In Rio, confectionery brand Trident also experimented with data tracking to engage with music fans at the festival.


Part of Trident’s suite of rights activation was the Trident Cabin (powered by YouTube). This small sealed off space employed tracking technology to turn is air guitar skills into sound.


This movement to music tracking technique invited festival goers in to the booth and encouraged them to perform personal air guitar routines which it not only turned into music videos shareable via YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, but also tracks hand movements and transforms them into music.


By collecting and analysing one’s own air guitar moves and the notes they create, festival goers could use the tracking data to improve upon their movement-generated musical creations.


The depth and breadth of possibilities for tracking technologies are only just surfacing. How long will it be before we see sponsors use fan eye tracking technology to help optimise the focus of their activation, or a sports brand offer professional contracts to those who post the best performance data via their product-based tracking techniques?





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