Sony’s Heartbeat Mix: Youth-Focused Heart Health Work


Using the tagline ‘Where your heartbeats meet your music’, Sony Music Entertainment has teamed up with the Indonesian Heart Foundation for a healthy heart campaign.


Targeting the country’s youth, the Music Of Your Heart initiative comes in the form of a branded entertainment style event coupled with a PR campaign, TV, radio and print work as well as an ongoing web presence. The idea is that music is a universal youth language and is therefore the ideal space to connect with the target market.


The simple online message on the home page of the programmes web platform spells out that “60 to 100 beats per minute is the average healthy heartbeat range” and encourages those not within that span to seek medical advice.


Heart disease is an increasing threat to young people, particularly those with unhealthy lifestyles and this campaign aims to drive awareness of heart health facts. Developed by agency Grey Group Indonesia, the initiative is packed with creative and fun events.


The event was launched with a live show in Jakarta featuring Sony artists such as Pingkan Mambo, Indra Bekti and Terry as well as Letisha Zivana who is an ambassador for the Indonesian Heart Foundation.


At the show visitors are encouraged to check and record their heart rates and mix them with their favourite songs which can then be stored in their mobile phones and digital music libraries. This took place within a mixed mobile recording studio-come doctors surgery equipped with a digital stethoscope and beat matching software. Participants also got a free consultation with a cardiologist.


The remix has also become an online experience – allowing you to measure your own heartbeat over a ten second period, and superimpose it over a selection of Indonesian pop hits – to be shared via Facebook or Twitter.


The work is a response to the fact that in Indonesia heart disease causes 500,000 deaths a year – of which 60% are young adults people aged between 20 and 40. Very few young adults monitor their heart rates, so the work aims to change this behaviour.




The results of this initiative speak for themselves. To date 19991 people had synched their heartbeats to their music on the campaign website. An impressive 5,400 young people attended the one-day launch event – of whom 2,714 had their heart beat-matched and checked.


In the process, the campaign managed to pick up $1million in earned media, as news quickly spread to TV, radio, newspapers and online media. Thanks to the online experience, the campaign has continued to be shared across social media.


Overall, this is a simple and accessible way of connecting with a young adult demographic in a space that they naturally inhabit and it provides an engaging and lasting way of putting across a health message.









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