Skol/Google’s Digital Cyber Carnival Collaboration


Brazilian beer brand has linked with search giant Google to spread and share the experience of Carnival across the digital space as well as in the physical world.


The brand’s collaborated on broadcasting the Salvador Carnival across social network Google+, YouTube and on Orkut, as well as on both iPhone and Android smartphones.


The initiative included a celebrity carnival Q&A on both Google+ and Orkut


The Skol smartphone app not only enabled revellers to keep up to dates with the very latest events and activites at Carnival with live updates and a carnival guide, but also offered them a tool to stay in touch with one another while the partied across different Carnival venues and events.


Skol and YouTube, the official channel of Carnival 2012, also teamed up to create a Best Of Carnival video playlist chosen from live concerts, popular tracks and dance troupes.


Another innovative features of the campaign, which was created by F/Nazca S&S, included a map function so that users could track where in the world viewers were watching the Carnival.


‘We want to transform this experience into a truly digital merrymaking, bringing the Carnival to all 800 million YouTube users,’ said Google Latin America marketing director Esteban Walther.


Other Skol activation at the event ranged from outdoor billboards and screens, the Camarote Skol hospitality area, branded t-shirts and, of course, the product itself.


Skol, the biggest beer brand in Brazil, has values based on classic Brazilian ‘sun, sea, sand, soccer and samba’, is a long term carnival sponsor.





Sponsors offering live synched entertainment across digital platforms is a trend that is really taking off.


By offering a range of tools – such as live social tracking, information and guides – sponsors are able to genuinely enhance the experience of those attending live and bring a flavour of the entertainment and excitement to those not able to be there in person.


Of course, by linking with Google+, Skol had a wide range of digital tools to leverage. However, the downside was that it was unable to engage with the leading Brazilioan social network Facebook











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