San Francisco Giants Celebrates New MLB Season With ‘We Built This City’ Ahead Of Opening Day

Days ahead of the start of the 2019 MLB season the San Francisco Giants launched a new spot celebrating their home town called ‘We Built This City’.


Aiming to generate buzz and excitement ahead of Opening Day, the video celebrates the city and the team’s role in its evolution.


Created by long-time Giants fans Jeff Goodby and Rich Silverstein at their own agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners’ and its internal production arm eLevel, the creative’s narrative arc stretches back before the city’s foundation to the ancient Greeks.


It lists heroic Giants names from past and the present that evoke great feats and inspire the people and are among baseball’s elite talents.


This celebration of the team’s greatest names, the spot is set to Starship’s iconic rock classic ‘We Built This City (on Rock ‘n Roll)’ which is tweaked to become ‘We Built This City (on Giants’ Soul)’.


Launched on 19 March it was posted across the team digital and social channels: from YouTube,



to Twitter,



and Facebook.



The film is running across local and regional broadcast television, as well as social and digital channels.


“It’s our wish that fans everywhere will look forward to Opening Day as much as we do,” said Jeff Goodby, co-chairman of advertising agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners.


“My partner, Rich Silverstein, was riding his bike past the newly-named Oracle Park right after the death of Peter Magowan. Somehow, the Starship song, We Built This City (on Rock ‘n Roll) came into his head. I rewrote the lyrics a bit, and added this litany in the middle. It makes us crazy for baseball, and we hope it makes others crazy, too.”


The campaign was created for San Francisco Giants EVP Business Operations Mario Alioto, VP of Marketing and Advertising Danny Dann, VP of SFG Productions Paul Hodges, VP of Brand Development and Digital Media Bryan Srabian by a team at agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners that included writer Jeff Goodby, art director Rich Silverstein, director of broadcast production Tod Puckett, executive producer Timothy Plain, producer Daniel Chang, plus managing partner Brian McPherson, account director Clark Gieseke, director of communications Meredith Vellines, plus business affairs director Judy Ybarra, as well as a production team at eLevel that included editor Erik Johnson, assistant editor Jocelyn Carranza, executive producer Luke Dillon and director Michael Damiani, engineer Jody Scott, audio engineer/composer Nic Dematteo and colourist Graham Wilcox.




This is a powerful and stirring sports spot and some may even try and build a case that the Giants did indeed help build San Francisco both spiritually and physically.


Although, as the team was founded in 1883 as the New York Gothams, then renamed three years later as the 



San Francisco Giants







Goodby Silverstein & Partners’



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