Samsung’s Genome Idea Adds Personal Touch To Olympics

It six degrees of separation meets London 201 – Samsung’s social Olympics campaign aims to allow fans to create their own individual story about how they connect to the Olympic movement.


Samsung, a global Olympic sponsor for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, is launching a multiplatform social media campaign designed to personalize the Olympic experience for viewers. Leveraging Facebook Connect, the initiative is being promoted online and through traditional media platforms.


Based around a downloadable app, the initiative (dubbed the ‘US Olympic Genome Project’), aims to enable Facebook users to create a “family tree” that shows how users are connected to athletes on the US Olympic team.


Those who sign up can see what they have have in common with past, present and future Olympians and then share that information with their friends on Facebook.


The app will also allow fans to raise their Olympic Games “status” or profile by creating new athlete connections, completing actions such as “checking in” at real-world Olympic events, and more. These might be related to their hometown, high school, or university


Furthermore, Team USA athletes can use the platform to share information about themselves, raise awareness of their sport, keep devoted fans up to date on their training and even raise funds to support their Olympic and Paralympic Games efforts.




This idea certainly works It works in parallel with the company’s umbrella 2012 marketing campaign’s “Everyone’s Olympic Games” strapline.


The genome scheme has digital at its core and is based around connecting athletes to fans and fans to one another. To creative personal, direct connections and experiences that are communal and participative.


Samsung’s chief marketing offer says that the thinking behind this initiative is that today’s marketers have to “recalibrate” the traditional 360 degree marketing model, which puts the brands at the centre of the communications strategy, surrounded by numerous touch points that consumers come into contact with a on a regular basis.


He argues that consumers are more involved than ever before, and thus, marketers need more dynamic communications plans. Media platforms have to be created in a way that enable consumers and brands to both create and tell their stories.


Samsung, a TOP IOC Partner of the Olympic Movement, kicked off its Olympic activation early last year when David Beckham unveiled the brand’s Olympic marketing logo. This logo, oddly titled Samsung Olympic Visual Identity System (SOVIS), is being used on all its London 2012 campaigns and advertising, including its sponsorship of the Torch Relay (for which it is a Presenting Partner).


The company, which is focused on solidifying its Olympic sponsorship in its major markets, has been associated with the Games for almost 25 years (dating back to their backing of the 1988 Seoul Olympics). The brand has been the Official Wireless Telecommunications Partner of the International Olympics since 1998.







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