Ronaldo’s Own Mobile App With Unique Access/Content

Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has rolled out is own new official Mobile App.


The objective is partly to cut out the ‘middle man – whether team or sponsor – to connect directly with fans. Although sponsor Nike does get some decent promotion within the app’s content.


The platform not only offers unprecedented access and exclusive content, but also encourages fans to connect with one another peer-to-peer.


A fan wall allows users to discuss the iconic footballer with other fans around the world in real time on Facebook and Twitter and by posting comments and their own photos and films. Updates from his global network of fans can be viewed on a world map, allowing his audience to interact with each other based on their location.


The product, developed in partnership with Digital Artists Entertainment (socially-powered digital content platforms) and Mobile Roadie (a self-service mobile app engagement platform), offers photos, contests, film, games, social media buzz and official news for free.


There is even an incentive mechanic to drive usage. By downloading and engaging with the app, fans can earn points — and those with the most can compete to win autographed Ronaldo merchandise.


It is available for phone iPhone and Android


Ronaldo’s digital audience is already substantial – he has more than 6 million Twitter followers and has 40 million pluis Facebook fans (making him arguably social media’s most popular athlete).


The Real Madrid and Portugal star, 26, is possibly the most famous athlete in the world. He holds football’s world transfer record, is Madrid’s highest ever goal scorer in a single season. He won the Ballon d’Or and the Champions League in 2008.


“It’s been great to see the love and support that I’m getting from my fans all over the world, so this is a great way to be even closer to them,” said Cristiano Ronaldo.




This may turn out to be something of a milestone as individual stars leverage new, accessible technology platform to take further control of their own marketing and publicity.


Sports and entertainment’s big names are increasingly becoming empowered to maximize (and monetise) their own personal brands through digital and mobile technologies.


When once they were reliant on giant media companies and supportive sponsor brands to access global engagement platforms, now they are able to do so independently.





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