Red Star FC’s Full Stadium Game Day Immersive Audio Experience

In late December, French football club Red Star FC launched a game day audio experience for its fans called ‘Stadium Filled’.


With its supporters, like so many other fans in world football, unable to attend games in person, the objective was to offer an immersive audio experience mirroring the emotions of a live match day.


For some 15 minutes, The Paris based club offers a 15-minute audio dive on home game match nights at its Stade Bauer based around stadium recordings by company Showcast which were actually taped a year ago for a game against Quevilly.


This is supported for an interactive, fan-created strand which saw the club offer its supporters an opportunity to express themselves via audio on the official ‘Red Star Answering Machine’ on 07 49 36 68 18.





The sound experience includes the noises of players, staff and supporters and captures some of the behind the scenes audio interactions from chants to conversations full of familiar fans terms and expressions such as ‘all together’, ‘merguez’, ‘good evening, two beers’ and ‘good match’.


The initiative is promoted via the club’s official Instagram account and its other social networks and is available in eight audio capsules.






Paris based Red Star FC is one of France’s oldest clubs. It was founded back in 1897, it is the third oldest French football club after Le Havre AC and Girondins de Bordeaux, and its plays in the Championnat National (the French third tier).


As well as having a long playing history, the club also has an impressive history for marketing innovation.


Amongst its other notable initiatives was its 2019 ‘Our Shirt, Our Neighbourhood’ shirt launch campaign which rolled out in Google Street View.


This is one of several stand out audio football club audio initiatives which range from Manchester City and Cisco Webex’s 2020 ‘Blue Moon Acapella’ project to Liverpool and Standard Chartered’s 2017 ‘Hear The Kop Roar’ initiative.





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