Nike Brazil ‘The Awakening Of Dance’ Campaign Celebrates Black Women, Movement & Sport

Nike simultaneously celebrated the power of dance and the enduring strength of black women through a new spot which uses striking choreography to tell a story of birth, connection, roots, protection, recognition and awakening.


The Brazilian-originated campaign, created by agency AKQA SP and Think Eva, is called ‘The Awakening in Dance: An Experience in Motion’ seeks to celebrate black women and encourage young generations to explore fresh forms of sport and movement.


The project aims to show the ‘empowerment and manifestation of black culture’ through dance: via choreography showing six key moments – birth, connection, roots, protection, recognition and awakening.


The hero ad is fronted by Brazilian singer Ludmilla and features dance troupe The Turmalinas Negras and it was directed by Juh Almeida.



Members of the Nike Training Club will also have access to exclusive content which uses a series of short videos to explain choreography steps with the objective of enabling viewers to reproduce the movements and ‘connect with the transforming power of dance’ through the campaign.


The campaign was created by a Nike team which included Gustavo Viana, Raphael Peres, Livia Pinheiro, José Diogo Rodrigues, Murillo Maldonado, Aline Cupido, Flávia Silva, Fabio Albuquerque and Ingrid Ferreira by AKQA SP.


The creative group working on the project was led by Global Chief Creative Officers Diego Machado and  Hugo Veiga and included Executive Creative Director Renato Zandoná, Group Creative Director Christiano Vellutini, Creatives Eduarda Nieto, Erika Moreira and Bruno de Carvalho, Managing Director Luiza Baffa, Strategy Director Amanda Déa, Brand Lead Paula Santana, Brand Director Yago Sant’Anna and Brand Managers Juliana Dantas and Laura Coelho, plus Brand Manager Assistant Hadassa Lima, with PR Debora Bacaltchuk, Operation Director Lucas Costa and Operation Manager Lucas Araque. Motion was handled by Anderson Lima and Guilherme Romeiro an d the Strategic Consultancy was Think Eva with Co-Creation by Turmalinas Negras (Aline Constantino, Darita Albino, Mayara Rosa, Maiwsi Ayana, Nice Estrela) and Ludmilla.


The production company was Pródigo Films, with Director Juh Almeida, Sound Production Company Capitão Foca, plus music production by Larissa Luz and stills by I Hate Flash.





This Nike Brazil campaign is part of the brand’s wider body of work focusing on the theme of black empowerment.


This began back in May, amidst the Black Lives Matter protests, when the sportswear giant rolled out a ‘Don’t Do It‘ spot by Wieden+Kennedy Portland which focused specifically on racism.










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