Miller Sponsors ‘You’: CSR Scheme Focuses Brand On Everyman


In stark contrast to its major US competitors such as Budweiser and Coors, Miller tends to steer clear of heavyweight sports sponsorship (both events and stars) and focus on the everyday Average Joe.


Its latest ‘Official Beer Of You’ positioning certainly helps its carve out a strong, independent position with its programme of sponsoring ‘regular folk’.


Users are encouraged to visit the brand’s website before the end of April and sign an ‘official sponsorship contract’ in which they “commit to living the highest possible form of the High Life in any and all situations”.


By taking the pledge and submitting a photo and/or a story about their ‘living the high life’ a consumer is considered for being featured on Miller’s social media spaces and in a Miller High Life advertising campaign. Pledgers are sent a sponsorship pack, including a free personalised logo and contract, and the brand is offering ‘Official Beer Of You’ merchandise too.
In return, the brand offers individuals the right to use the ‘brought to you by Miller High Life’ slogan after their name and choose to be sent a $1 sponsorship cheque or to donate their sponsorship fee donated to Afghanistan Veterans of America.


The initiative is promoting via traditional media channels (such as TV and press) as well as through a range of digital and social media channels).




There is something of a consumer-centric ‘everyman’ sponsorship trend emerging at the moment and this is another example of a brand exploring this quasi-sponsorship approach. After all, if everyone can have their own broadcasting mass communication channel and their own reality TV show, why not their own sponsorship?


Typically this sees brands try to avoid negative associations with stars and sports mired in scandal (from drug cheating in professional cycling to footballer and golfer sex scandals). Such brands position themselves as championing the average everyman rather than making the rich richer however badly they behave.


Whilst some approach this trend is a more serious way – eg Giant’s ‘Real Riders’ sponsorship initiative (http://bit.ly/qZyDx0) – Miller’s ‘Official Beer Of You’ idea does go some way to reinforcing the long-running core Miller positioning of being the beer off the average hard working American.


This follows on from previous Miller anti big sponsorship messages – such as its 2010 1-second Super Bowl spot which saw Miller donate its Super Bowl ad slots to local businesses (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfTLqzG0svs).


It also enables the brand to dovetail its CSR work with its big creative idea.






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