Lincoln/Blacc Interactive Music Video GRAMMY Ambush

Hyundai might be the official GRAMMYs automotive partner, but it was Lincoln Motor Company’s groundbreaking #MusicUncovered campaign that was the talk of the car creative world during the 56th annual music awards.


Offering four camera angles and five storylines, Lincoln joined with funk/soul singer Aloe Blacc to offer fans a unique experience linking its GRAMMY telecast commercial to an interactive YouTube music video.


The interactive video was trailed during one of four Lincoln TV spots that aired during the GRAMMY Awards telecast.


The objective for Lincoln, part of Ford, is to use the Aloe Blacc interactive music video project to introduce its brand and its vehicles to new audiences as part of a wider strategy to develop new avenues for potential customers to experience the brand and its vehicles.


The interactive music video itself took consumers inside the recording studio with Aloe Blacc and enabled them to explore the origins of his latest hit ‘Love Is The Answer’, his inspirations as an artist, and how together with The Lincoln Motor Company, the two created an interactive music video on Lincoln’s YouTube homepage.


The auto brand and musician partnered with creative agency Hudson Rouge and directorial team Radical Friend and multimedia studio Legs to develop a musical performance that ditched the traditional music video to let viewers direct their own story – switching between multiple story lines and follow an audio and visual journey from four unique perspectives.


An interactive player, developed by Interlude, allows users to switch between each story (all featuring the MKZ Sedan) at any moment and the audio soundscapes also change along with each visual journey.



An underlying director’s cut also slides seamlessly between each perspective.



‘In the first part of the film, we establish Aloe Blacc and the other three main characters and the grand setting with our cameras following seemingly disparate characters and members of the production, explains director duo Radical Friend. ‘They each have a unique involvement and perspective on the excitement that is building.’




This partnership builds upon a recent set of initiatives in which film, music and storytelling combine in an umbrella thread to showcase the brand’s vision for offering innovative ideas and compelling design.


By working with artists and properties which share the brand’s passion for innovation, art and design, Lincoln is creating quality content for its digital platforms.


Indeed, the automaker also sponsors the Film Independent Spirit Awards and recently collaborated with Vanity Fair and Film Independent to support emerging filmmakers in creating a series of original short films that reimagine classic Hollywood themes.


Lincoln, a premium brand within the Ford Empire that is positioned as a ‘luxury car make of compelling vehicles offering an exceptional ownership experience’, is in the process of introducing a fleet of four new vehicles over the next two years.


Lincoln’s wider marketing strategy is to support and encourage innovative ideas and projects that echo its own 90-year heritage and passion for original design approaches, cutting-edge technology and thought leadership.


‘Lincoln’s long-standing relationship in film is being transformed as we look to attract new audiences, said Andrew Frick, group marketing manager, Lincoln.


‘By actively participating in this music video’s creative process, Lincoln is able to connect with open-minded individuals who want to understand the heritage of our brand while being engaged in unique and unexpected ways.’


Aloe Blacc, seems a good fit for this kind of project as he slips into the spaces between hip-hop, R&B, jazz and funk genres, releases his new album on 11 March and this Lincoln/GRAMMYs partnership is just one strand of Interscope Records album launch marketing that will also see him play at Coachella in April and tour with Bruno Mars later in the year.


‘I think that the most important thing for me is to tell a story that helps express the human condition,’ says Blacc.


‘I’m definitely always trying to think about how to make the sounds more rich, but this is an awesome way to make the visual interpretation of my music richer and fuller.’


‘Lincoln is a classic luxury brand but reinventing itself in a very modern way, which I can relate to right now as an artist going through a transformation with my music,’ Blacc adds.


‘The way the digital experience was shot incorporates this new technology to directly engage with the individual so they become part of the story, and the results are beautiful.’


The Blacc collaboration is merely Lincoln’s latest approach to ‘surround cultural conversation of its vehicles and amplify the brand’s digital content by providing an interactive experience’ – in this case allowing consumers to uncover their own version of the video




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