Levi’s Ready To Make Braddock Work

Levi’s ‘Ready To Work’ commitment to revitalising and redeveloping the Pennsylvania town of Braddock is part of the brand’s wider ‘Go Forth’ idea. Whilst not officially a sponsorship, Levi’s partnership with Braddock sees it provide two years of financial and legal support that spans support for a community centre, an urban farm, as well as supporting and igniting the mayor’s strategy of attracting contemporary craftsmen, creative entrepreneurs and artists to settle and work in the town.


The strategy behind the programme is to align the brand with solutions to the economic crises and the downturn of America’s former industrial heartland. These solutions are based on a set of brand values that includes contemporary pioneers, hard work and creativity (and marketing of course) that makes a real difference.


The idea is based around Levi’s supporting urban pioneers and bringing together hard working collectives under the ‘We are all workers’ banner.


Of course, the entire programme lies at the promotional media heart of much of Levi’s advertising – from documentary films, TV work as well as press ads and outdoor posters, in-store and on-pack initiatives. On the digital side there is also a core website, blog, an online gallery and web films to help engage and involve.




More intriguing and potentially more powerful than a straightforward community-led CSR initiative, some braver advertisers actually driving authentic movements by placing them at the heart of the brand philosophy and mission is a more recent phenomenon.


Not just an in-community scheme, this is an ambitious partnership that aims to revitalise a whole town and provide a template for rejuvenating the declining American industrial heartland.


Levi\’s & Braddock \’Ready To Work\’ – YouTube










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